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Good Direction Berlinlasers 980nm Infrared Laser Diode Module

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Posté 24 May 2021 - 07:11

When users are looking for an easy operating and quick response dot alignment under night vision fields, it is just an easy job to make get clear dot indication with a 980nm infrared laser diode module. It generates high intensity infrared laser light directly from 980nm infrared laser diode. After its special use of night vision device and external AC/DC adapter, it just assuring high efficiency infrared laser light conversion, and highly clear infrared reference dot projection under night vision fields.
This 980nm infrared laser diode module makes the best use of glass coated lens inside durable structure of aluminum alloy housing tube. It is performing with high photoelectric ability infrared laser light emission and highly clear infrared dot projection under multiple working environments, including other harsh occasion of mechanical moving or shocking etc. When compact size tube made infrared dot laser makes proper installation and adjustment of laser beam focus, it makes sure of the most precise and quick IR dot alignment under in all occasions perfectly.
Technical data:
Item: Berlinlasers 980nm infrared laser diode module
Output power: 100mW-500mW
Laser class: IIIb, IV
Optic lens: glass coated lens
Adjustable focus: yes
Power source: 5V, 9V 1000mA DC power supply
Applications: military targeting, laser medical therapy device, night hunting and infrared laser sight etc

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