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In article 2nku2u$9mi@ulowell.uml.edu> fjones@cs.uml.edu (Francisco Jones) writes: >Hi folks. Does anyone know the tab/crd's for "Like the Weather" by >10000 Maniacs? Yes, I checked nevada.edu. Actually, if nobody knows >"Like the Weather", then any 10000 Maniacs would be better than nothing... > I know for a fact that some of these chords are wrong, but it's serviceable, and it's a start... Corrections and/or complete tab would be appreciated (I saw this in a book once and tried to remember what I could and figure out what I couldn't). Andrew Fung afung@po.eecs.berkeley.edu "Like The Weather" from _In My Tribe_, 10,000 Maniacs G A Bm G A (x2) D6 G A (x4) A G (x2) D G G A (x2) D G A A D