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 Dreadlock Holiday de 10cc

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DREADLOCK HOLIDAY 10 CC Solm Fa^Cm x6 Verse Solm Fa^Cm Solm Fa^Cm I was .... Solm F ^ Cm I heard ... Solm F ^ Cm And I looked ... Solm Cm I saw four faces, .... Solm Cm They looked .... Solm F ^ Cm x2 Chorus Cm Solm Eb Cm Eb I say, ..... Solm Eb Cm Eb mtm I don't like cricket, ..... Bb Don't you walk ... Bb C ^ Don't you walk ... Solm F ^ Cm x2 Verse2 Chorus Solm F ^ Cm x2 Verse3 Labm Solb^ Rebm Labm Solb^ Rebm I hurried .... Labm Solb^ Rebm I heard .... Rebm Labm Solb ^ Rebm 'Would ... Labm Rebm She said: ... Labm Rebm And if ... Rebm Labm Solb^ Rebm Labm Solb^ Rebm Dreadlock holiday. Chorus Rebm Labm E Rebm E And I say, .... Labm E Rebm E Don't like ... B Don't you walk .... B Db ^ Don't .... Labm Solb^ Rebm x2 Ending Labm E Rebm E I don't like cricket, .... Labm E Rebm E I don't like Reggae, .... Labm E Rebm E I don't like Jamaica, ... at lib (bass F^G Bb^C C C C) -- The translation code is this: A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C C# D D# E F F# Sol Sol# When you find a chord with a number (i.e. Do6) you must add the note (in this example the 6TH of C, that is A) at the three note of the C chord. Then it will be like a Am with C bass.