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 Captain Sweaty de 11th Hour Space Monkeys

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Captain Sweaty - 11th Hour Space Monkeys sur
Band-11th Hour Space Monkeys Song Name- Captain Sweaty Intro -------------------------------------------------------------------------7---- - -------------------------------------------------------------------------5---- -- -------------------------------------------------------------------------7---- - -----------8--------------8------------------6-------------------6----------- ------7-------------7-----------------5-------------------5----------------- --5-----------5----------------5-------------------5------------------------ Verse 1 Am Am7 D/F# What is existance anyway is it being forced Am Am7 D/F# by the system to fondle dead chicken parts G D D4 G I curse the ground I tread upon I will forever D D4 live in this cesspool of cool drool Am Am7 D/F# Speak of insanity I see your face, if I wasn't Am the President of the confederates I wouldn't Am7 D/F# Ddim survive, yet I wind down to my daily cheese inhalation Chorus Bm G A F#m/B Kill Badger one, not for fun, but for eternal ecstacy Bm G A Am Am7 Regis is my mom, shooting pigs like my aunt Verse 2 Am Am7 D/F# I can't even operate a knife yanni is my life poke Am Am7 D/F# G out my eyes and pull out my hair yell at me and D D4 G D D4 Am abuse me echoes in my mind guilty guilty guilty Am7 D/F# my dreams are shattered i crave a whitey burger Am Am7 D/F# the stars beckon to me yet what I see is nothing Am Am7 D/F# Ddim a slurpee is divine, yet i whine to dine with Madonna Chorus Bridge C#open Bopen i wanna be a farmer so i can die die die die die die die C#open Bopen the corn i eat has become a fly fly fly fly fly fly fly Email