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 Feels So Good de 311

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Riff 1 (Clean): =============== F6 Dm(add11) 1:-10-10-10-10-10-10--10-10-10-10-10-10- 2:-10-10-10-10-10-10---8--8--8--8--8--8- 3:-10-10-10-10-10-10--10-10-10-10-10-10- 4:-------------------------------------- 5:-------------------------------------- 6:-------------------------------------- Riff 2 (w/Distortion): ====================== A5 G5 F5 E5 1:--------------- 2:--------------- 3:--------------- 4:-7---5---3---2- 5:-7---5---3---2- 6:-5---3---1---0- Riff 3 (w/Distortion): ====================== N.C 1:-------------------------------------------------------------- 2:-------------------------------------------------------------- 3:-------------------------------------------------------------- 4:------------------3-------------------5-------------------b6b- 5:-3h5-3h5-3h5-3h5-----3h5-3h5-3h5-3h5-----3h5-3h5-3h5-3h5------ 6:-------------------------------------------------------------- N.C 1:-------------------- 2:-------------------- 3:-------------------- 4:-------------------- 5:-3h5-3h5-3h5-3h5---- 6:------------------3- Chorus (w/Distortion): ====================== B5 D5/A E5/B E5 N.C E5 N.C E5 1:--------------------------------------- 2:--------------------------------------- 3:------7----9--------------------------- 4:-9----7----9----2-2--2-----2-------2-2- 5:-9----5----7----2-2--2-----2-------2-2- 6:-7----5----7----0-0--0--3--0---3---0-0- Fill 1 (w/distortion): ====================== N.C 1:--------------------- 2:--------------------- 3:--------------------- 4:--------------------- 5:-5-3-2-3--5-3-2-3--5- 6:--------------------- Fill 2 (w/Distortion): ====================== N.C 1:-5--3--1--0- 2:------------ 3:------------ 4:------------ 5:------------ 6:------------ Lyrics/Song Structure: ====================== ---> Play Riff 1 (x3) ---> Play Riff 2 (x1) ---> Play Riff 3 over: Well everybody's got an opinion that's loud and unbending I spend my time healing and mending together It's a question of whether live positive, well I give P-Nut joins our back, must be arthritic Tim is from the 70's and so we live it SA has the wisdom of a Noble Laureate I'm down for our days of glory and It's easy to do when you're up with Sexton A rythmatic genius turnin' out the next one Would you know you're a bro I flow in that circumstance You'll get your chance ---> Play Riff 1 over: Because now payback's our motherfuckin' mission To the sharp ass rocks slippin' on us but we rock It comes to writing on us derision Sendin' you a voice, now sendin' you a vision. And those who fought me they say they taught me everything I know, _/ NICK: I go aww, when I hear that, that chit chat, bullshit! \ SA: G sick of me knowing every thing saying ---> Play Chorus over: In your face Feels so good In your face It feels so good ---> Play Riff 3 (x3) Take it to 'em bro, throw down, now say Settin' forth a course I'm really wiggin' out In my dome I roam, no time to doubt Fucked up you right there while I was rhymin' Now you're sulking in the corner, a baby crying Hittin' up now we feelin' to rock Mars Fuckin' up the shit, now their heads bob We ain't new to jack swing, the groove and that We got crazy factiffs, we all that I don't often rock and I'm a laureate I don't pull the punch you know I'm throwin' it Freestyles my style on the mic and flex You're stalkin' the mind of a punk that's next ---> Play Riff 1 over: I get retarted now that I started you know A condition which I keep closely guarded Like the kind buds you know my scene My team thinks I sing supreme, but you, the weasel, Try to bring us down but in reality it make you look like a clown Too bad cause we'll be sittin' in the sun and choose a rocky ass fastball ---> Play Chorus over: In your face Feels so good In your face It feels so good Yo, P-Nut, beat that thang ---> Bass Solo ---> Play Fill 1 (x3) ---> Play Fill 2 (x1) ---> Play Riff 3 over: Won't you warm the mic Nicholas Can't get with this my stream of consciousness is a sea Much like Bukowski with a rage Speaking to the page beasts in the cage Jumping off the stage, diving Thriving, striving, for a better day SA Beat back by flesh shattered doors Bragging fists to the sky you're feelin' high Has to live and die ---> Play Riff 1 over: Just take a moment to have a fit (fifth?) once in a while You know, you know I do it daily and like it but that's my style Here I go ---> Play Chorus over: In your face Feels so good In your face And it feels so good (That's all)