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 Freak Out de 311

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Freak Out - 311 sur Guitariff.net
'Freak Out' Performed by 311; From the album 'Music' on Capricorn Records Music by: N. Hexum & C Sexton Lyrics by: N. Hexum & D Martinez (c) 1993 Allegiance Music/Hydroponic Music BMI Tab by: Blowfish/Jeff Terrel (jjt@ecst.csuchico.edu) Additions by: Michael Slusarz (slusarz@ucsu.colorado.edu) Intro/Riff 1: ============= N.C 1:---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2:---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3:---------------------------------0-------------------------------4-2-0 4:0-2-2-2-0-2-0-2--0-2-2-2-0-2-0-2---0-2-2-2-0-2-0-2--0-2-2-2-0-2------- 5:---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6:---------------------------------------------------------------------- Riff 2: ======= D5 N.C C5 B5 C5 D5 N.C C5 B5 C5 B5 C5 1:5\------------------------5\---------------------------- 2:7\-----------5-5-5--4--5--7\-----------5--4--5---5--4--5 3:7\------5-7--5-5-5--4--5--7\------5-7--5--4--5---5--4--5 4:7\--5-7------5-5-5--4--5--7\--5-7------5--4--5---5--4--5 5:5\-----------3-3-3--2--3--5\-----------3--2--3---3--2--3 6:-------------------------------------------------------- Riff 3: ======= (A) (C) (A) (C) (D) 1:--------------------- 2:--------------------- 3:--------------------- 4:--------------------- 5:0-0-0-3---0---3---5-- 6:--------------------- Chorus: ======= E A D A E 1:0---0---0---0---2---0---0 2:0---0---2---2---3---2---0 3:1---1---2---2---2---2---1 4:2---2---2---2---0---2---2 5:2---2---0---0---0---0---2 6:0---0-------------------0 Riff 3: ======= E5 D5 N.C 1:----------------------------- 2:9--9--9--9--7--7--7---------- 3:9--9--9--9--7--7--7---------- 4:9--9--9--9--7--7--7---0----0- 5:7--7--7--7--5--5--5----3-0--3 6:----------------------------- Riff 4: ======= A5 C5 A5 C5 G5 G#5 A5 C5 A5 C5 G5 G#5 A5 1:----------------------------------------------------------- 2:------5---------5---------------5---------5---------------- 3:------5---------5---------------5---------5---------------- 4:7-7-7-5---7-7-7-5--5--6---7-7-7-5---7-7-7-5--5--6---7-7-7-7 5:7-7-7-3---7-7-7-3--5--6---7-7-7-3---7-7-7-3--5--6---7-7-7-7 (x5) 6:5-5-5-----5-5-5----3--4---5-5-5-----5-5-5----3--4---5-5-5-5 Ending Riff: ============ N.C 1:--------------- 2:--------------- 3:--------------- 4:--------0------ 5:----0-2---2-0-- 6:0-3-----------3 Lyrics and Song Structure: ========================== ---> Play Riff 1 (x3) ---> Play Riff 2 over: Let the games begin if you wanna fuck with me You can't disturb the course of P&C&T&D&Me I'm on a mission to set straight The vice, the curse, the date, the gate relate to this I insist B it's weak to dis see I'm runna up so sucker stick to your 40 How could I give a damn give a damn if you approve what it's about I just freak out ---> Play Riff 1 (x1.5) ---> No guitar over: Just guess y'all c'mon come back slipped outta Wack as the master laid out the music ---> Play Riff 3 over: Death I just say fuck you The void unknown we're thrown through While lost in life's psychedelic trip we take There's another more bizzare we have to make ---> Play Riff 2 over: World we have nowhere beyond Take out the Earth the bass is gone At life's end we'll feel the calm How strange we should be here at all. ---> Play Chorus over: ** Chorus ** If you don't have someone to do it with it's not worth doing To all my friends it's not the end The Earth has not swallowed me yet ---> Play Riff 1 (x1) Into whose womb were you woven What kin of your skin dropped you then bodies cloven Light of daybreak blinded next exit The wild darkness forming inside it ---> Play Riff 3 over: My day wasn't promised me each death it brings Reminding me we are rumbling through this cursed universe Where death is a birth Think not but what your manifest is worth ---> Play Riff 4 over: Giving up a verse the curse occurs a thirst To burst first breaking through the center of the universe ---> Play Riff 3 over: Slamming down on the lingo flow so jam to the bumrush single Long ago has become now When you find out there's no break in the rhythm ---> Play Riff 4 over: Black anima makes my stamina stand alone disown the cinema Farewell to posing decades dozing coming up the steps of the new Screen rising scenes from the lost world shapes hard to tell Which is which as if drawn by a child, Holmes ---> Play Chorus over: ** Chorus ** (x1.5) ---> Play Ending Riff over: This is the heat to flush your face (x4) Freak out -- Michael Slusarz(slusarz@ucsu.colorado.edu) Home Page - http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~slusarz/arnett21.html University of Colorado at Boulder