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 Champagne de 311

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Champagne - 311 sur Guitariff.net
311 - Champagne By: Dwayne Wayne(etdigitalis@hotmail.com) This tab v3 of a great song off an excellent album. If you don't = already own 'From Chaos' I highly recommend it. basic riff w/slight wah & echo e|--12--9------------------------10--7--------------------| b|---------10---------------------------8-----------------| g|-------------11--------------------------9--------------| d|-----------------12p11h12p11----------------10p9h10p9---| a|--------------------------------------------------------| e|--------------------------------------------------------| chorus (strum freely) Fmag7 A(add9) e|-------8----------7---------| repeat as necessary e|--7/9~--| B|------10----------5---------| occasionally adding B|--------| G|-------9----------6---------| D|------10----------7---------| A|-------x----------x---------| E|-------x----------x---------| I'm not sure about the ending chords... if anyone has any ideas, feel free to drop me a line. good luck. Thanx goes out to Vince and Matt for their inputs.