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 Caught Up In You de 38 Special

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Caught Up In You - 38 Special sur Guitariff.net
Caught Up In You by 38 Special off the album Special Forces tabbed by NicholasJMorano@aol.com Most of the Chords Given Will be Power Chords the intro is as follows 7th fret  8th      |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|----9----|--------|--------| |-------|--------|----9----|--------|--------| |---7---|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| (E power chord 3 times) |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|---8----|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---9-----|--------|--------| |---7---|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| (5 times) repeat that one more time. E   B     C#           B      A       C# B   I Never knew thered come a da.. B   When Id be saying to you E  B     C#            B    A         C# B   Dont let this good... B                  F# G# A (all these are power chords)   Now that we know that.... A     C#       B                F# G# A Dont, dont you know the kind of man... A    C#     B                  F#  No said ill never fall in love aga...         G#           A       Bb              B But its real and the feeling comes shin...       Chorus          |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|----5---|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|----6----|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|---7----|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------| |-------|--------|---------|--------|--------|                     A(see above) C# minor(real chord)                                 (A minor barred on 4th fret) Im so caught up in you, little  gir...         F#                  C#  That I never did suspect a thin..                  A          C# G caught up in you little gi...         F#                     C# That I never wanna get myself fr....               A  ....baby its true            C#      F#        G# Youre the one who caught me baby      A (power)     Bb            B You taught me how good it could be Bridge            C# minor      F# minor Fill your days and your nigh....               B           E   Eb  C#minor Dont need to ever ask me twi.... F#minor              B               ........Whenever you want me         C# minor And if ever  (same as above, different words) OK, this is 100% accurate. Its in the correct key. It doesnt sound bad on acoustic, but like most .38 Special, its written for electric. Youre constantly changing chords so it doesnt sound bad at all playing power chords on acoustic guitar, and its easy to sing along to. Like all my tabs, if you know the song and have a good ear, this should be simple.The changes are also easy. The second chord of the song is a B I use the B directly above the E power chord instead of going all the way down to the 2nd fret. The second B I use the 2nd fret though after the C# power chord. I also use 3 diffent A chords in the song. Figure out which is the easiest transition,and the song is a breeze. Questions or comments email Nicholas J Morano @ aol.com