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 As Good As New de Abba

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As Good As New - Abba sur
Here are the chords to As Good As New byAbba from the Voulez-Vous album. Gm I'll (Gm) never know why I had to go, why I had to put up such a (F) lousy rotten show. Boy (Gm), I was tough, packin' all my stuff, sayin' I don't need you anymore (F) I've had enough. And now (Bb), look (C) at me standin' (F) here again (Dm7) 'cause I (Bb) found (C) out that- ma (Am) ma ma ma ma ma ma ma (G#m7) ma ma ma ma ma ma ma My (Gm7) life is here, gotta have you near (C). Chorus: As (F) good as new, my love (C) for you, and keeping (F) it that way is my intention (C). As good (F) as new, and growing (Bb) too, yes I think (Gm7) it's taking on (C7) a new di(F)mension. It's (C7) as good as new (F), my love (C) for you, just like (F) it used to be and even better (C), as good (F) as new thank god (Bb) it's true (F) darling (Gm7) we were always meant (C7) to stay together (F). (verse2) then (chorus) then instrumental Bb C F Dm Bb C F I (Dm7) thought (G7) that our love (C) was never meant (Am) but here (Dm7) I am (G7) again (C7). (chorus)