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 I Have A Dream de Abba

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I Have A Dream - Abba sur
Here is I Have A Dream by Abba from the Voulez-Vous album. You can do this song the barre way (which I will post) or with a capo on the 1st fret. Intro: Bb F7 Bb Verse: Bb I have a dream (F7), a song to sing (Bb) to help me cope (F7) with anything (Bb). if you see the wonder (F7) of a fairy tale (Bb), you can take the future (F7) even if you fail (Bb). I beleive in angels (F7), something good in (Eb) everything I see (Bb), I believe in angels when I know the time (Eb) is right for me (Bb). I'll cross the stream (F7), I have a dream (Bb). (repeat) F7: 131211 Eb: xx1343 Bb: x13331