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 Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight de Abba

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Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight - Abba sur
Abba Ė Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) Transcribed by Ben Hollis Iím not 100% certain of the intro; I think the chords are correct but The picking pattern may be different. Iíve included easy and hard versions; The hard version sounds a little Harsh on overdriven guitar because of The slides. If anyone knows a better Way please send in a correction. Intro (easy version) (8 bars Ė 4 bars x2) D Bb C D E--------------------------- B--------------------------- G-----7-------7-----5-----7- D---7-------7-----5-----7--- A-5-------------3-----5----- E-------5h6----------------- Bb Am C D E-------------------------- B-------------------------- G-----3-----2-----5-----7-- D---3-----2-----5-----7---- A-1-----0-----3-----5------ E-------------------------- Intro (hard version) D Bb C D E------------------------------- B------------------------------- G-----7-------7-------5-------7- D---7-------7-------5-------7--- A-5-------------1s3-----3s5----- E-------5h6--------------------- Bb Am C D E------------------------------ B------------------------------ G-------3-----2-----5-------7-- D-----3-----2-----5-------7---- A-0h1-----0-----3-----3s5------ E------------------------------ Iím afraid I donít play keyboard G youíll have to find someone Else to sort that out for you. Just before the verse there is a Bass fill which goes: A-5-3---------- E-----5-3-1-3 Iíve marked this part of the song with an asterisk Apart from this fill the bass plays Just the root note throughout the song NC means ďno chordĒ, so just let ring/ Be silent In the verse slide a bar chord shape up >From F5 to G5 In the Pre-Chorus there isnít much of a harmony part Ė the chords just show what the bass is playing The chorus and the intro seem to have Slightly different chords, but Iím not certain The song goes into an instrumental section, I donít play that bit so itís not included here Whole song: Intro (8 bars) 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& D Bb C D Bb Am C D (x2) Bit with the keyboard in (10 bars) 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& D F Am D (x2) NC NC* Verse (9 bars) 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& G5 FsG5 FsG5 CsD5 NC* G FsG5 FsG5 CsD5 Pre-Chorus (6 bars) 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& Bb Bb G G Am Am Chorus (8 bars) 1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4&1&2&3&4& D Bb C D Bb D C D (x2) Keyboard bit Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus (x2) Repeat intro chords for 12 bars