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 Aint Noise Pollution de Ac-dc

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Aint Noise Pollution - Ac-dc sur
Rock'N'Roll ain't nosie pollution (Young,Young,Johnson) From AC/DC's Back in black album Intro and Chorus: E A E A |------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------| |--------9-10---12-|---10---10---12--8--|--5------9-10---12--|---10---10----8--5-| |--------9--9---11-|----9----9---11--7--|--4------9--9---11--|----9----9----7--4-| |------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------| |------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------| |------------------|--------------------|--------------------|-------------------| Rock'n'Roll__ ain't noise pollu - tion. Rock'n'Roll__ ain't gon--na die In the begining Brian Johnson says something likes this: "Hey, there, all you middle men. Throw away your fancy clothes. And while you're out there sitting on a fence, so get of your ass and come down here, cause Rock'N'Roll ain't no riddle man. To me it makes good, good sense." First verse: [E]Heavy decibels are playing [A]on my guitar. We got vi[E]brations coming up from the flo[A]or. Well, just list[E]ning to the rock that's giving [A]too much noise. Are you [E]deaf, you wanna hear some more [A]We're just talk[E]ing about the fu[A]ture for[B]get about the past [E]It'll always [A]be with us It's never gonna die, never gonna die. Chorus: Second verse: I took a look inside your bedroom door You looked so good lying on your bed. Well, I asked you if wanted any rhythm and love You said you wanna rock'n'roll instead. We're just talking about the future Forget about the past It'll always be with us It's never gonna die, never gonna die. Transcription by Bjorn Pettersson Email: