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 Big Gun de Ac-dc

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Received: from by (5.65c/M1.4) with SMTP id AA10764>; Mon, 11 Oct 1993 18:09:23 -0700 Received: from Pearl.Tufts.EDU by id>; Mon, 11 Oct 1993 18:09:20 -0700 Received: from PEARL.TUFTS.EDU by PEARL.TUFTS.EDU (PMDF V4.2-12 #4561) id 01H400LAZL1S8WYMPK@PEARL.TUFTS.EDU>; Mon, 11 Oct 1993 21:05:38 EDT Message-Id: 01H400LB0DZM8WYMPK@PEARL.TUFTS.EDU> X-Vms-To: IN%"" Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7BIT AC/DC: Big Gun ============== Here's the new (?) AC/DC tune from the "Last Action Hero" soundtrack. Terrible movie but good soundtrack (although, admittedly, the dog scene ranks among the top 20 funniest movie scenes of all time -- the movie's only redeeming feature). Two guitars in this one -- guitar 1, which plays Riff A and all the solos, is a clean electric. Guitar 2, which plays the rest, is distorted. To get it "officially," use both guitars; if it doesn't matter (probably), one will do fine. Lyrics are questionable at best since I can barely hear them -- might want to see a doctor about that throat. --- David Braue ( =========================== cut here ============================ Riff A: 2x in the intro -GUITAR 1=>-3---0----0--0-------|-----------3---0---0------------ ------------------3--------3--0-|-----------------3-----3\------- --------------------------------|-------------------------------- --2--2-- ==GUITAR 2-------------|--2--2-------------------------- --2--2--------------------------|--2--2-------------------------- --0--0--------------------------|--0--0-------------------------- Riff B: (play once with each line of lyrics) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------0-------------------------------------------------------- ------2-----0-4---0-2---0-4-----2-------------------------------- --0-0-----0-----0-----0-----0-3---3------------------------------ I'm playing on the radio Pictures on the TV And every man take a-what he can Shoot 'em on the silver screen Riff C: (same timing as above) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- --------0-------------------------------------------------------- ------2-----0-4---0-2---0-4-----2-------------------------------- ----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-3---3------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------- Stickin' the law, knockin' them down Livin' out a fantasy Riff B with: There's a bad man cruisin' around In a big black limousine Riff D: | | | | || | | | | | B(vii) A(v) B(vii) Don't let it be wrong, don't let it be right A(v) G(iii) D#/F Em Give into spite, and double your sights ====== CHORUS ====== Riff A with: Big gun -- big gun, number one Big gun ----------------------------------- G ----------------------------------- T ----0------------------------------ R ------2--0------------------2------ --------------2P0---2-0------------ # -------------------------3--0------ 2 Big gun, can you hit on the loon (I SAID I couldn't hear the words!) [Riff B twice] VERSE 2 ======= With Riff B: Terminator's using acres Shooting up Hollywood Snakes he ate with a funny fad Gettin' up 'n' doin' no good With Riff C: If you ain't wise, uncover the lies To fuss of you With Riff B: Classified lady killers Playin' in the U.N. too With Riff D: The sooner you are, you're taking the town Better look out when he's comin' 'round [CHORUS] solo: ---3P0-0--(GTR 1)------------------------------------------------ ------3---------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------2-----5----2P0H2---(GTR 2)------------ ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---5--4P2P0--4P2P0-2H5P2P0-----------0-----------2-----2--------- -----------------------------2P0---2---2P0----------------------- ---------------------------------3---------3-2-0---3P0----------- etc. etc. [The soloing is in E minor (I think) -- just go crazy and you'll get it close enough] Repeat the CHORUS once more and then free-form it to the end. ================================================================= "Make no mistake about it. They're EXTREMELY well-trained." This song transcribed by David Braue on October 11, 1993 on a chilly, beautiful Massachusetts autumn evening when I should really be studying.