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 Rock N Roll Damnation de Ac-dc

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Rock N Roll Damnation - Ac-dc sur
AC/DC "Rock and Roll Damnation" from Powerage album by Adrian Mayes, European Space Agency, Darmstadt, Germany amayes@esoc.bitnet Ok this is one of my favourite AC/DC tracks. It's easy and fun to play. The intro arrpeggios are played over the chords A and D A D E---------------------------| B----------8------------7---| B--------9------------7-----| 2 times D------7------------7-------| A---0------------5----------| E---------------------------| The main riff is rock and roll itself. Perhaps one of the most used rock rythyms going - it still sounds fresh on this album - even in 1994 !! A E---------------------------------------| B------3--3-po-2-----3-3-po-2-----------| G------2--2----2-----2-2----2-----------| D------4 -4-po-2-----4-4-po-2-----------| A---0--0--0----0--0--0-0----0--3-4-0----| E---------------------------------------| po = pull off Try experimenting with this rythym until you get the right feel. IT IS FUN !!! lyrics verse: y' say that that you play too loud well baby that's tough y'say that you got too much can't get enough tell you that you look a fool baby I'm a fool for you say that you're my disease well, shake your stuff chorus: G5 D/F# A5 It's a Rock and Roll damnation G5 D/F## A5 ma's own whipping boy G5 D/F# A5 rock and roll damnation D5 take a chance E5 while you still got a choice verse2: you say that you want respect honey grow up everything that you've done for me well thanks a lot c'mon, get up off your bended knees y'can , set your mind at ease my temperature's running hot and I've been waiting all night for a bite of what you've got,and Chorus: Intro section over the lyrics: just a boy with a toy ( ??? ) come on and take your choice cos you're way out of reach living in your sin you gotta practise what you preach Chorus: G5 D/F# A5 It's a Rock and Roll damnation G5 D/F## A5 ma's own whipping boy G5 D/F# A5 rock and roll damnation G5 ( not D this time ) take a chance D5 while you still got a choice Back to the main riff for the solo which I can't get to sound right - but I know that just as the vocals come back in the solo is playing something like: E-----------17------------ B---------------------17-- G---16b-16b---16b-16b----- repeatedly. D------------------------- A------------------------- E------------------------- try messing around with this. It's easier to stumble across by playing than writing it down !! Finally, the chords G and D/F# are the standard AC/DC stuff G D/F# note no major or minor tonalities E---x------x-- B---3------3-- G---0------2-- D---0------0-- A---x------0-- E---3------2-- I hope you enjoy it !!! Rock and Rooooolllllllllllllllllllll !!! Adrian Mayes amayes@esoc.bitnet End of Message