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 Tnt de Ac-dc

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AC/DC T.N.T From The Album High Voltage THIS TAB WAS TRANSCRIBED BY AARON SMITH. YOU CAN E-MAIL YOUR QUETIONS OR COMMENTS FOR ME AT AARON@NS.NET YOU CAN EVEN E-MAIL REQUESTS FOR A TAB TAT YOU WANT. I REALLY LOVE AC/DC, SO YOU CAN EXPECT A FEW MORE AC/DC TABS IN THE FUTURE P.M.=PALM MUTE L.R.=LET NOTE(S) RING ALL PARTS ARE PLAYED WITH JUST A LITTLE BIT OF FUZZ INTRO E-|---|----|-----------------------|----------------- B-|---|----|-----------------------|----------------- G-|---|----|-----------------------|----------------- D-|-2-|----|-2---------------------|----------------- A-|-2-|----|-2-----5--5------------|----------------- E-|-0-|----|-0-----3--7---3--5--3--|----------------- L.R. P.M. VERSE (SAME AS INTRO) E--|------------------------|------------------------ B--|------------------------|------------------------ G--|------------------------|------------------------ D--|--2---------------------|------------------------ A--|--2-----5--5------------|------------------------ E--|--0-----3--7---3--5--3--|------------------------ P.M. PLAY THIS PART AFTER CHORUS CHORUS IS PLAYED FOR THE LAST TIME E--|----------|-------------------------------------- B--|----------|-------------------------------------- G--|----------|-------------------------------------- D--|--------2-|-------------------------------------- A--|--7--5--2-|--5---7------------------------------- E--|--5--3--O-|--3---5------------------------------- L.R. THE SOLO AT THE END OF THE SONG IS PLAYED IN E MINOR PENTATONIC