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 Hail Caesar de Ac-dc

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Hail Caesar- AC/DC Album- Ballbreaker Tabbed by Mike Fortin Standard Tuning This is my first tab ever, my own work and I believe it to be the most accurate on the web for this song. E-----------------| B-----------------| G-----------------|X6 D---------------2-| A-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-0-| E-3-0-3-0-3-0-3---| D-----------| A-----------| X4 E-0-3-5-3-0-| ....Keeps lickin' all the honey... E----------|-----------|------------|------------|----------| B----------|-----------|------------|-----------3|----------| G----------|-----------|------------|-----------2|----------| D----------|-----------|------------|-----------0|----------| A-----2----|-----2-----|-0-3-5-0-3-0|-3-0--3-----|-4---2----| E-2-5--5-2-|-2-5---5-2-|------------|------------|-2-5---5-2| ..TO THE LIONS E-----------|--------------------| B-----------|--------------------| G-----------|--------------------| D-----------|--------------------| A-----2-----|-252225222522252225~| E-2-5---5-2-|--------------------| Chorus is same as opening lick. Verse two starts at the second lick and repeats from there. Enjoy