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 Walk All Over You de Ac-dc

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Song: Walk All Over You Artist: ACDC Album: Highway to Hell Transcribed by Mark Kessel The introductory E is held for beats, and you walk-up to the G on the up beat of the first beat in the next measure. In other words, 1 2 3 4 & A 1. The G and D are half notes, and the A is held for measures. I wasn^Òt able to figure out the second solo, but doesn^Òt sound that difficult. I do not have my guitar with me right now, so forgive any errors that you find. Intro Riff/Chorus r--------3--2--r-- r--------3--3--2-- r--------0--2--2-- 2--------0--r--2-- 2--------2--r--0-- 0------3-3--r--r-- After Intro- r-3-2-rrr- r-3-3-232- r-0-2-222- 2-0-r-222- 2-2-r-000- 0-3-r-rrr- Verse A r----2-2-2-r-r-r- r----3-3-3-2-2-2- r----2-2-2-2-2-2- 2----r-r-r-2-2-2- 2----r-r-r-0-0-0- 0----r-r-r-r-r-r- Verse B |r---rrrrrr-r- |r---232323-r- |2---222222-2- |2---222222-2- |0---000000-2- |r---rrrrrr-0- Progression: Intro 5x Afterwards 8x Verse A 3x Verse B 1x Verse A 3x Verse B 1x Chorus(Intro) 4x Afterwards under Solo 1 Verse A 3x Verse B 1x Chorus 4x Afterwards under Solo 2 Solo 1 ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- -7^9-7^9-7^9-7^9-7^9-7^9-9-9-7-7---------7-9------ -----------------------------------------9-9-7-9---------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- 9-9-7-7-----9^11-9^11-9^11-9^11--------------------- --------9-9------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------