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 Whats Next To The Moon de Ac-dc

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Whats Next To The Moon - Ac-dc sur
Artist : AC-DC Song : What’s next to the moon (Young/Young/Scott) Album: Powerage Track #: 6 Tabbed by : StingRay. Simple Song, no complicated solos like others from AC- DC. Standard Tuning (Low to High) eBGDAE Pattern 1 e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---------------------------------| times D|---0------0----------------------| A|-----0---------------------------| E|-------0----0--------------------| Pattern 2 (One time and back to Pattern 1) e|---------------------------------| B|---------------------------------| G|---0------0----------------------| D|-----0---------------------------| A|-------0-----0-------------------| E|---------------------------------| Chorus It’s your love that I want.... Em F#m G G F#m Em e|---------2----3----3----2--------| B|---------2----3----3----2--------| G|---------2----4----4----2--------| D|----2----4----5----5----4----2---| A|----2----4----5----5----4----2---| E|---------2----3----3----2--------| Bridge e|---3--2--0-----0-------------------| B|------------3----------------------| G|-----------------------------------| D|-----------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------| What appears to be a guitar solo is actually Angus playing the bridge quite fast. That’s it. Easy enough. Send any corrections to