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Title: Worldwide Artist: Adam Again Album: Dig Author: Gene Eugene 1992 Chenka Chenka Music ASCAP Correctly tabbed by: Nathan Stock 5/25/98 (questions, comments, Standard Tuning Chords: F G Am Dm A# C e---1---3---5----5----6----3----- B---1---3---5----6----6----5----- G---2---4---5----7----7----5----- D---3---5---7----7----8----5----- A---3---5---7----5----8----3----- E---1---3---5----5----6----3----- Solo/Riffs: Riff A e------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------- G----------5---------7----------9-7--------- D--3-3-5/7---5-5-7/9---7-7-9/11--------8---- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- Riff B e------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------- G---------5----7-5-7/9----9-9-7-5-7-5------- D--3----7-----------------------------7----- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- Intro: (Acoustic) F G Am Dm F G Am Dm F G There is a reason Am Dm And I don't know what it is F G A bloody season Am Dm Well, I've heard that these things happen A# F Worldwide GC Worldwide Dm A# Don't think I'll ever understand it F C A Don't think it matters if I do Dm A# Three billion people in the world F C And I only know a few AmDm Worldwide GC Worldwide (whistle) F G Am Dm F G Am Dm A# F Its worldwide GC Worldwide (electric) F G Tears on the driver's side Am Dm His head is in his hands F G Voice of an angel silenced Am Dm At the whim of a mere man A# F It's worldwide G C Worldwide Dm A# But we all love that desert thunder F C A We put some stickers on our bumper Dm A# Three billion nothings in the world F C Why should anybody bother? AmDm Worldwide C Worldwide (Riff A x2 then Riff B x1) Dm A# What about Headman Shabalala? F C A Does anybody care about justice? Dm A# Three billion people in the world F C And his spirit weeps for all of us AmDm Worldwide C F Worldwide