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 Grow Old With You de Adam Sandler

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ADAM SANDLER THE WEDDING SINGER VOL.2 GROW OLD WITH YOU Transcribed by BEB 910 ( Verse 1 A I wanna make you smile Bm Whenever you're sad C#m Carry you around D When your arthritis is bad A E All I wanna do is D A E Grow old with you. Verse 2 A I'll get you medicine Bm When your tummy aches C#m Build you a fire D When the furnace breaks A E It could be so nice D A A7 Growing old with you. Chorus D I'll miss you I'll kiss you A Give you my coat when you are cold D Need you Feed you E(hold) E D Even let you hold the remote control Verse 3 A Let me do the dishes Bm In our kitchen sink C#m Put you to bed D When you've had too much to drink A E I could be the man who D A Grows old with you E D A I wanna grow old with you Chords used: A Bm C#m D E A7 e--0--2---4--2--0--3-- B--2--3---5--3--0--2-- G--2--4---6--2--1--2-- D--2--4---6--0--2--2-- A--0--2---4-----2--0-- E---------------0----- Any corrections are welcome....