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 Hanukkah Song de Adam Sandler

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Hanukkah Song - Adam Sandler sur
We heard this song recently on WXLE in Albany, NY, and it has quickly become their most-requested holiday recording! The Djs say it came to them in a plain brown wrapper, and hasnıt yet been released on CD. We enjoy it so much, and want to share it with friends at our own upcoming Hanukkah party, that we decided to transcribe it....Bruce, Sandy & Ari The Hanukkah Song Adam Sandler (of Saturday Night Live) Intro: This is a song, that uh, thereıs alot of Xmas songs out there, but not too many about Hanukkah, so I wrote a song for all those nice little Jewish kids who donıt get to hear any Hanukkah songs--here we go... [A] Put on your [E] yalmulka, [D] here comes [E] Hanukkah Itıs [A] so much [E] fun-akkah to [D] celebrate [E]Hanukkah, [A]Hanukkah [E]is the [D] Festival of [E] Lights, [A] Instead of one day of [E] presents, we have [Bm] eight [D] crazy [E] nights. [A] When you feel like the only [E] kid in town with[D]out a Xmas [E]tree, [A] Hereıs a list of [E] people who are Jewish, [D] just like you and [E] me: [A] David Lee [E] Roth [D] lights the me[E]norrah, [A] G do James [E] Caan, Kirk Douglas, and the [D] late Dinah [E]Shore-ah [A] Guess who eats to[E]gether at the [D] Karnickey [E] Deli, [A] Bowzer from [E] Sha-na-na, and [D] Arthur Fonzer[E]relli. pause for giggle [A] Paul Newmanıs half [E] Jewish; [D] Goldie Hawnıs half [E] too, [A] Put them to[E]gether--what a [D] fine lookinı [E] Jew! [Esus] [E] [D] You donıt need ³Deck the Halls² or ³Jingle Bell Rock² [E] Cause you can spin the dreidl with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock--both Jewish! [Esus] [A] Put on your [E] yalmulka, itıs [D] time for [E] Hanukkah, The [A] owner of the Seattle Super[E]sonic-ahs [D] celebrates [E] Hanukkah. [A] O.J. [E] Simpson--[D] not a [E] Jew! But [A] guess who [E]is...Hall of [D] Famer--Rod [E]Carew--(he converted!) [Bm] [A] We got Ann [E] Landers and her [D] sister Dear Ab[E]by, [A] Harrison Fordıs a [E] quarter Jewish--[D] not too [E] shabby! [A] Some people [E] think that [D] Ebeneezer [E] Scrooge is, Well, heıs [A] not, but [E] guess who is: [D] All three [E] stooges. [Esus] [E] [D] G many Jews are in show biz-- [E] Tom Cruise isnıt, [tacit] but I heard his agent is. [Esus] [A] Tell your friend Ver[E]onica, itıs [D] time you celebrate [E] Hanukkah I [A] hope I get a har[E]monica, on this [D] lovely, lovely [E] Hanukkah. G [A] drink your gin-and-[E]tonic-ah, and [D]smoke your mara[E]juanic-ah, If you [A] really, really [E]wanna-kah, Have a [D] happy, happy, [E] happy, happy [A] Hanukkah.