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 Not Tonight de Adelayda

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Not Tonight - Adelayda sur
NOT TONIGHT BY ADELAYDA TABBED BY ADAM FISHER TAUGHT BY JEFF HIMSELF In honor of my man Tom Copestake, and with special thanks to Jeff from Adelayda who showed me and Tom how to play this at Tigerstock, here are the chords for "Not Tonight," and this time they are right! ** This song is droped down half step on all the strings.** However if you just want to play it standard tuning it sounds the same...just higher. These are the chords for the will have to listen to the song to get the strum pattern down...cause I don't have the time do write it all, unlike someone. | VERSE |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-6------------------|-2--------------| |-6------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |C you... |All the... |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-3------------------|-0--------------| |-4------------------|-6--------------| |-4------------------|-6--------------| |-2------------------|-4--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |Things... To Me |You made... |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-2------------------|-6--------------| |-2------------------|-6--------------| |-0------------------|-4--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |But There... Just not... |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-3------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-0--------------| |-2------------------|-0--------------| |And you swear... Hold you for... This is how all the verses are played throught the whole song... use the same cords and'll get it. CHORUS |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-6------------------|-9--------------| |-6------------------|-9--------------| |-4------------------|-7--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |And take a... At what we've |-0--------------0---| |-0--------------0---| |-6--------------0---| Play one more time |-7--------------9---| |-7--------------9---| |-5--------------7---| |Become.... |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-3------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-0--------------| |-2------------------|-0--------------| |That we started... Know this isn't... |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-0------------------|-0--------------| |-3------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-2--------------| |-4------------------|-0--------------| |-2------------------|-0--------------| |It's the last... G Goodnight. Then it goes back into the chords for the verse. The entire song uses all these chords I have given you for... all the verses and chorus...just play around with it and you'll get it. I hope you will love this song as much as I do... thanks Adelayda.