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 Bone To Bone de Aerosmith

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"Bone To Bone(Coney Island White Fish Boy)"(Steven Tyler/Joe Perry) Performed by Aerosmith on "Night In The Ruts"(1979) Transcribed by Bryson Meunier The riff from this song and the orgiastic solos make this one of my all-time favorite Aerosmith songs. Unfortunately I can't help anyone with the solos but here's what I came up with for the riff: E------------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------------| G-----5------------------------------------------------| D---------7p6p0---5---------------------------5---6---7| A---------------------5p4p0---3------0--------5---6---7| E---------------------------------------0-----3---4---5| That riff is repeated throughout the song(you'll have to listen to the song to figure out exactly where). During the "runnin' with the pack" part, one of the guitars plays something like this: ...runnin' with the pack... E-----------------------------------| B----11b(full and release)---9h11p9b| G-----------------------------------| D-----------------------------------| A-----------------------------------| E-----------------------------------| ...and never lookin' back... E-----------------------------------| B----14b(hold)r-------12h14p12b-----| G-----------------------------------| D-----------------------------------| A-----------------------------------| E-----------------------------------| ...knows just where he's been... E-----------------------------------| B-----15b(full)r--------------------| G-----14b(full)r------12h14p12b-----| D-----------------------------------| A-----------------------------------| E-----------------------------------| That's it for the guitar parts that I came up with. If anyone knows any more, please don't hesitate to post them. The lyrics are as follows: Flatbush boy cruisin Sheepshead Bay his boardwalk mama just a sniff away Underground DMT ridin' thunder train The Coney Island White-fish Boy is on the run again! Ooh, runnin' with the pack Ooh, never lookin' back Ooh, knows just where he's been That Coney Island White-Fish Boy's been there and back again! She'd be screamin' "Coney!" She'd be dreamin' "Coney!" Go get em' Coney Sixteen years with his boardwalk queen Steeplechase she used to wet his dream She combs her hair, that flaming jewel,streaked with Clorox Bleach Coney's gettin down and dirty, snortin' up the beach (etc.) "A Coney Island White-Fish is a scumbag. When you lived by the Hudson River like I did, you always saw these things floating by on their way to sea. They were rubbers-guys would tie 'em up and they'd just keep floating. And that, boys and girls, is a Coney Island White Fish." -Steven Tyler Send all corrections, comments and questions to All hail Joe Fuckin' Perry!