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 Same Old Song And Dance de Aerosmith

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Same Old Song And Dance - Aerosmith sur
Artist: Aerosmith Title: "Same Old Song and Dance" Album: "Get Your Wings," "Greatest Hits," O Yeah!" Composed by Steve Tyler, Joe Perry Tabbed by Chris Clark Here are the rhythm guitar parts from the unedited version on "Get Your Wings." Use 5th barre chords as shown for the chorus. Comments and crits to: ### Tab: Guitar Tuning: Standard Main riff e ----------------------------------I B ----------------------------------I G ------------(O)-------------------I D -------------O--O-----O-----------I A ----------2--------2-----2--------I E -O--O--3--------------------3--O--I Chorus 1 (short version) G A C D main riff Chorus 2 (long version) G A C D F G A C D main riff Verse riff Add the bass notes (7 and 5) on the A string for the outro e ---------------------I B -----------8---------I G -9--7-7------7----9--I D -9--7-7--------7--9--I A ---------------------I E ---------------------I Bridge ("Fate comes knockin'...") Keep your finger(s) in position on the D and G strings while playing the bass notes e -------------I B -------------I G -4-----------I D -4-----------I A -2--O-----O--I E -------3-----I B C# D Eb main riff "When it's all the same..." ### Recommended chord positions (in order of appearance) G e -----I B -----I G -----I D --5--I A --5--I E --3--I A e -----I B -----I G -----I D --7--I A --7--I E --5--I C e -----I B -----I G --5--I D --5--I A --3--I E -----I D e -----I B -----I G --7--I D --7--I A --5--I E -----I F e -----I B -----I G -----I D --3--I A --3--I E --1--I B e -----I B -----I G --4--I D --4--I A --2--I E -----I C# e -----I B -----I G --6--I D --6--I A --4--I E -----I Eb e -----I B -----I G --8--I D --8--I A --6--I E -----I