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 Black Rain de Afewloosescrews

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Band:  afewloosescrews Song:  Black Rain Album:  Four 'o Five Record company:  Alarma Tabbed by:  Jesse Weegens Ok. . . well this is the way I play it . . . It sounds great!  But I won't guarentee that it is correct! INTRO:  Em-G-D-Am THE REST: G|----------------777-66-44- D|-2222-5555-7777-777-66-44- A|-2222-5555-7777-555-44-22- E|-0000-3333-5555----------- You will have to listen to the CD to get the correct strumming pattern but this sounds good!  There is another part of the song where you just hold the chords. . . if you listen to the disc you know what I'm talking about! E-mail me at: