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 Rule The World de Afewloosescrews

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Rule The World - Afewloosescrews sur
song:Rule the World band:afewloosescrews album:Four 'O Five tabbed by:Josh Warner intro:A,E,G,A,A,E,G,A,E,G,A,A,E,G(repeat) verse 1: A E G A what kind of girl can pick you up when your getting down A E G D2(m.c.) what kind of girl has the best things rolled into one A E G A what kind of girl would go anywhere for you A E G D what kind of girl?the best kind in the world! chorus: D A E G so i think if i stick with you G D2(m.c.) i think i'll probably rule the world D A E G i'm sure if i stick with you G D2(m.c.) i'm pretty sure i'll rule the world alright.just keep doing all this thru th whole song. chords: A-5,7,7,000 E-7,9,9,000 G-3,5,5,000 D-05,7,7,00 D2-000320(major chord)