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 She Wont Let Me Fuck de Afroman

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She Wont Let Me Fuck - Afroman sur
Artist: Afroman Title: She Won't Let Me Fuck Tabbed by: Dudeman Note: This is the easiest song you will ever learn how to play. The basic rhythm is easily picked out just by listening to the song. Have fun. ***Standard Tuning*** Sect. A Sect. B ----7---- ----12--- ----8---- ----13--- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- ----X---- Play Section A for a few bars, then slide up to Section B, then back to A then back up to B and so on. And that's the whole song. If you think it's wrong- submit your own freakin' tab.