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 Fighter de Aguilera Christina

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Fighter - Aguilera Christina sur
"Fighter" Christina Aguilera Transcribed by Dan Morris ( Since C-Ag made that awesome NBA commercial with Kobe flying everywhere, one can only watch so much of the NBA playoffs before imagining this song as the imaginary soundtrack to your imaginary 360 dunks... -- [Intro] (arranged for guitar; I just write the chord on each beat) : em B7 C B7sus4 B7 am am/G B7 -3-3-3--2-|-0-0--0------2--|-0-0-0-0--|-2 -0-0-0--0-|-1-1--0------0--|-1-1-1-1--|-0 -0-0-0--2-|-0-0--2------2--|-2-2-2-2--|-2 -2-2-2--1-|-2-2--1------1--|-2-2-2-2--|-1 -2-2-2--2-|-3-3--2------2--|-0-0-0-0--|-2 -0-0-0----|----------------|-----3-3--|-- [verse] The verse is transcribed as fifth-string power chords, with '/' indicating a slide : E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 I thought I knew you thought you were true ...repeat for the rest of the verse : E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 E5 /G5 D5 /F5 E5 [pre-chorus] A5 After all of the stealing... G5 E5 G5 E5 ...hold resentment for you no no you're wrong A5 B5 'Cause if it wasn't for all that you tried to do C5 D5 B5 I wouldn't know just how capable I am to pull through C5 A5 G I wanna say thank you [chorus] (the guitar just plays the bottom of each of these chords) em D/F# 'Cause it makes me that much stronger G am Makes me work a little bit harder C B7 It makes me that much wiser am G em G thanks for making me a fighter [repeat verse riff x 2] (the post-chorus) [repeat verse riff x 4] (verse 2) [repeat pre-chorus] [repeat chorus] [repeat intro] (the crazy bridge) [repeat chorus a few times] ---------------------------------- Dan Morris ----------------------------------