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 The Last Song de All-american Rejects

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Artist: The All-American Rejects Album: The-All American Rejects Title: The Last Song Tabbed by Rafael Garcia send corrections to Hey AAR fans. Yeah, I couldn't find a good tab for this so I made my own. I blasted this song on my headphones so I could hear the second guitar part, which is pretty cool. Then again I'm probably giving too much detail for most of u. Here it is INTRO: Violins, but here it is on a guitar Note: - This is the CD version, the radio/music video version is x1       - ~ = let ring E------------8-9---------------8-9--------------8-9-------    -9~--- B----9-----------9---11-9----------9---9-9----------9-----    ------ G------10----------------10----------------10-------------x 2 ------ D-11------------------------------------------------------    ------ A---------------------------------------------------------    ------ E---------------------------------------------------------    ------ VERSE PART 1: Pretty simple, mostly power chords       - Palm mute everything until u get to the big F# chord       - the "x"s are measures, not how many times you play the chord       - For the second verse, the CD version repeats part 1, but the         radio/music video version doesn't repeat       - Also, guitar 2 doesn't play independent from 1 until the         second verse, after u play the chorus once Guitar 1:   C#    A#    G#    F#    E-------------------2----- B-------------------2----- G-6-----------------3----- D-6-x4--8-----6-----4-x4-- A-4-----8-x4--6-x4--4----- E-------6-----4-----2----- "As I leave.."  Guitar 2:ONLY PLAYS THIS DURING THE SECOND VERSE AFTER THE CHORUS E-9--9-9\----------------------      B-9--9-9\--x4------------------ G-------------------6-----5---- D-----------------6-----6------ A------------------------------ E---------------4-----4-------- VERSE PART 2: Guitar 1:       A#    F#    C#   G#   E-------------------------------- B-------------------------------- G-----------------6-----------x2- D-4-/-8-----4-----6-x2-6--------- A-4-/-8-x2--4-x2--4----6-x2------ E-2-/-6-----2----------4--------- "You wanted the best..." Guitar 2: Does this 4 times E---------------- B----------1-2--- G-(3)----------1- D-----3---------- x4 A--1----4-------- E---------------- CHORUS: E---------------------------- B---------------------------- G-6-----------4-----------(6) D-6-x4--4-----4-x4--6-----(6) ---Land on this before fading out A-4-----4-x4--2-----6-x4--(4)    to the bridge and at the very E-------2-----------4--------    end of the song "As I go..." BRIDGE: Guitar 2 plays INTRO once(unless u have violins, lol), then: Guitar 1: E----------- B----------- G-6--------- D-6-xforever(w/o distortion) A-4--------- E----------- "Will you need me..." Guitar 2: (violins really) E-9~--8~--6~--2~--1~- Then they play this: Guitar 1: E----------- B----------- G-6--------- D-6-xforever(w/ distortion, palm muted) A-4--------- E----------- Guitar 2:(violins) A4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4--4/6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6/9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9--8-9-10-10-10-10-12-14 Then back to the chorus, but guitar 2 plays this really cool lick over it E/------------\------------11---/14-13-9---9-8-8-11x4-13x4-14x4-16x8------ B|--/14-13-9--|-x3--/14-13------------------------------------------------ G\------------/----------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all, finally. Every single freakin detail too Corrections to