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 Lovesong de Amiel

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Lovesong - Amiel sur
I^ve never tabbed anything before but I worked out this song and liked it ^ apologies for any mistakes, particularly in the bridge which I^m a bit unsure about! Lauren Knight AMIEL ^ Lovesong *INTRO: C C Am Am *VERSE: It^s one thing .. break up^ C C Am Am Wondered why^ love^ C C Am Am C you know^ Looking for^ G G F F Need^ tell me... care^ C G Am Am Hear^ voice that^ want you^ C G Am Am *CHORUS: Thanks... thought^ lonely^ before^ C G Am F Okay^ made another^ lovesong^ C G Am Asus2 Am Repeat *VERSE 2 (same as verse one) *CHORUS *BRIDGE: Look into^ Love sacrifice^ C C Am Am Helped us^ Sorry^ go alone^ C C F G *CHORUS *CODA: Just^. made another ^ lovesong^ C G Am Am Just made another^ lovesong. C G Am Am Asus2 Asus2 Am