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 Relative Ways de And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

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Relative Ways - And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead sur
ARTIST: TRAIL OF DEAD SONG: RELATIVE WAYS ALBUM: SOURCE TAGS AND CODES SUBMITTER: SAM FROST ( This tab isn't great as its highly likely that trail of dead will have used a non-standard tuning. Ive picked out the 'lead' and it plays along very nicely with the CD... i haven't figured out the chords but for the chorus i could pick out the bass/root note (?) This is my own work - Would love some help with this. Verse 'Its hard to imagine..' - NO VOCAL e------7---------------|------------------------------- B--9-7---7---7-9-7---7-|-?--2-2----2---?-7h9----------- G----------------------|-?--1-2p1--2p1----------------- D------------------9---|-?--2-2----2---?-9------------- A----------------------|----0-0----0---?-7------------- E----------------------|---------------? 0------------- Chorus Its okay......... I'm a slave (insane) Evar C#m e------7-------------------------------------------- B--9-7---7-9-7---7-9/12-12-11-11-12-12-------------- G--------------------------------------------------- D--------------9------------------------------------ A--------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------- I forgave .........your mistakes Dvar F#m e------5-------------------------------------------- B--7-5---5-7-5---5-7/10-10-9-9-10-10-99------------- G--------------------------------------------------- D--------------7------------------------------------ A--------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------- Try bending the B string just a little on the 10-10-9-9 and corresponding 12-12-11-11 part each time you play the note.