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 Darker Side de Asbury Lane

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ARTIST: ASBURYLANE ALBUM: 95 ACRES OF NO ONE SONG: DARKER SIDE tabbed by Troy Reed ( This just gives you the basic chord changes. It doesn't match exactly with the album but this is a great version to play and sounds good on an acoustic. You'll have to figure out the rhythm yourself. G do some funky bends and pulloffs with it. VERSE 1 & MAIN RIFF: E--------------------------------------------------------- B----3-------------------3-----3-----------------------3-- G----2-------------------0-----2-----------------------0-- D----0-------------------0-----0-----------------------0-- A--------------------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------- I^ve seen the darker side, stood tall among their kind, E--------------------------------------------------------- B----3-------------3--------3-----3----3------------------- G----2-------------3--------2-----0----2------------------- D----0-------------0--------0-----0----0------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- And I^ve been known to curse Your name. Then Just repeat that pattern/main riff for the rest of Verse 1 and all verses> I^ve rejected Your connection, turned my back in Your direction, Cruised along and played my little games. VERSE 2: CHORUS: D G And after all this time C G D I can not understand why I^m alive VERSE 3: VERSE 4: ENDING: D G And after all this time C G D I can not understand why I^m alive D G C Sometimes I drink the water, I spill the water G D Spill the water