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 Blessing In Disguise de Ashton Becker Dente

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Blessing In Disguise - Ashton Becker Dente sur
BLESSING IN DISGUISE by Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and Billy Sprague as performed by Ashton, Becker & Dente transcribed by Sandra Villanueva ( and friends, and Mike Pilato ( (C)1994 The Sparrow Corp. A In the deep of the dark you fell in as the heart E F#m of your world went down in flames. G D D / E A To a cauldron of pain. Seeing no way out. A And as you walked through the fire, losing even desire, E F#m it was like a dying swan. G D D / E A to look at you then. But look at you now. G D A You have found a new lease on life. G D F C E A stronger step and a curious calm on your face that you wear as if to say. A E CHORUS: You can rise from the ashes again. A E D You can rise to the morning that breaks in your eyes. Dm A For what looked like your heart's demise. E7 D Dm A Has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It has worked for the good, like you heard that it could. But it was hard, so hard to believe. Standing among the ruins of a dream. But from here looking back, you can see clearly that you can gain from things that you lose. And learn many ways by many means. You have been an inspiration to me. And all the volumes of hope your revival can speak will always say to me. CHORUS SOLO THING G - C - D Dm Esus4 E CHORUS E D Dm A ...It's turned out to be a blessing in disguise.