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 No Other de Ashton Becker Dente

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No Other - Ashton Becker Dente sur
No Other Ashton, Becker, and Dente Db Ab Gb2 Db Ab Gb2 All the evidence is in, all the truth's been told Db Ab Gb2 Db Ab Gb2 There's nothing left I need to see 'cause I'm already sold Cb2 Bbm Cb2 Db I've seen the healing touch of Your hand bring my broken dreams to life Cb2 Bbm Ebm7 Db/F Gb/Ab No one can love me any more than You so I make this vow tonight Chorus: Db Ab/C Gb/Bb Db Ab/C Gb/Bb There'll be no other gods before You Db Ab/C Gb/Bb Db Ab/C Gb No other love above You Bbm Ab/C Gb Db/F Eb7 No other dream in my heart than what You've begun Ebm7 Gb/Ab Db Ab/C Gb/Bb Db Ab/C Gb/Bb Before You there will be no other one I cannot see where life will take me, there's still so far to go But this one thing I've come to realize, You're all I need to know Against the frailty of my humaness, with everything I am I promise this CHORUS Bbm Ab/C Gb Ab27 Oh precious love that found me Bbm Ab/C Gb Ab27 All that You are is all I need CHORUS Db Ab/C Gb Db2 |:[ / / / / ][ / / / / ]:|[ / / / / ] Donna Douglas & Margaret Becker © 1994 Did My Music (ASCAP) / His Eye Music / Maggie Bees Music (SESAC)