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 Sugar Sugar de Baby Bash

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Date: November 7, 2003 Artist: Baby Bash (Frankie J.) Title: Suga Suga Transcribed by: Eric Bergevin E-mail address: Many people asking for this tab over the internet(including me), so I tabbed it...well, the repeating guitar in the background anyway :) Not much else in the song. Tuning : Standard Here are two ways of playing the song. Second one is the "real" way. They both sound exactly the same. Good luck! h = hammer-on p = pull-off / = slide |--------------------------------|-------------------------------| |---2---2h4p2--------------------|-------------------------------| |-----3---------1---1---1h3p1----|-----------------3---3h5p3---1-| |-----------------3---3-------3--|---3/5----5--------------------| |1------------1------------------|4---/--6----6-1----1-------1---| |--------------------------------|-------------------------------| (2nd way) |--------------------------------|-------------------------------| |--------------------------------|-------------------------------| |---6---6h8p6--------------------|-------------------------------| |-----8---------6---6---6h8p6----|---3/5----5------8---8h10p8--6-| |-----------------8---8-------8--|4---/--6----6------------------| |6------------6------------------|--------------6----6--------6--| Repeat this riff throughout the whole song. E-mail: Thanks to Alistair Hill for getting me started in playing guitar!