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 More Than Meets The Eye de Bangles

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More Than Meets The Eye - Bangles sur
More Than Meets The Eye B E B 1. He's got a slow slow ride, got a camera inside A C#m B He takes a picture, hangs it up to dry E B And there's one girl named, and another displayed A C#m B All the time you can't help feeling ashamed A C#m E Given new reasons to survive A C#m F#m B He keeps a number of them alive E G#m There's a warning in the sky E G#m A stranger passing by E G# C# And there's more than meets the eye to the guy. 2. When you're so secure, never feeling unsure That's the time to check behind your door Cause there's one thing said when another is meant He's around confusing you to the end Seeing how changeable you feel Don't think that happiness is real And it's hard to justify The tangle you untie And there's more than meets the eye to the guy. ******************************************************************* * Franz Lemmermeyer ****** And don't forget * * ****** to boogie! * *******************************************************************