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 And Your Bird Can Sing de Beatles

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And Your Bird Can Sing - Beatles sur
e: Sun, 10 May 1998 00:35:52 EDT AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING LENNON & MCCARTNEY Marc Hertzberg ( the first to send a tab of And Your Bird Can Sing to . His comments and arrangement follow: Here's an arrangement of AYBCS for bands that have only two guitarists, and thus the lead guitar has to play both parts while the rhythm guy chunks away at the chords. Admittedly a tad weak in the middle section, but it sounds pretty good in my band. I learned this by taping the chords ***very*** slow and playing until I knew it at that speed. Once I had it learned, it sped up pretty easily for me. What a masterpiece this is. Aren't those chords in the middle section amazing? When it gets back to the "E" chord (e.g., "You may be awoken"), it sure doesn't feel like the home key, does it? But it all works beautifully. Cosmic bass playing by Mr. McCartney, too. Enjoy. Marc Intro: E B R E------------------------------------------------ B---9-7-5-7-5-4-5-4-2-0-------0-2-9-9-9-10-9----- G---9-8-6-8-6-4-6-4-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-9-9-9-10-9-9--- D-----------------------4-2-4------------------9- A------------------------------------------------ E-0---------------------------------------------- B E----------------------- B------12-12------------ G----9-11-13-11-9------- D-11--------------11-9-- A-----------------12-11- E----------------------- Verse: E You tell me that you've got every thing you want And your bird can sing F#m A E But you don't get me You don't get me Fill riff: B E------------------------- B--------12-12------------ G------9-11-13-11-9------- D-9-11--------------11-9-- A-------------------12-11- E------------------------- Verse: You say you've seen seven wonders And your bird is green But you can't see me You can't see me Middle: When your prize po--sessions start to G#m G+ B/F# E----------4------------------3------------------ B-------4--4-----4----------4-4-4----------4----- G-----4------------6-4---4--------6-4---4-------- D-6--------------------5--------------4---------- A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ Weigh you down C#/F E-2------------------------- B-4-----4---------7-6------- G---------6-4-----6-6-6----- D---------------6-------6--- A-------------8-----------8- E--------------------------- E F#m Look in my di----rection I'll be 'round I'll E----------0-------------2-----------------2----- B----------0-0---------2-2-2-------------2-2-2--- G--------------1-----2----------2------2--------- D------6-9-------2-4---------------4-4----------- A-7---------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------ B be 'round E-------------------- B-------------------- G-2--------8-8-8----- D----4---9-------9--- A------------------9- E------7------------- Guitar Solo: E B R E------------------------------------------------ B----9-7-5-7-5-4-5-4-2-0-------0-2-9-9-9-10-9---- G----9-8-6-8-6-4-6-4-2-1-2-1-2-1-2-9-9-9-10-9-9-4 D------------------------4-2-4------------------- A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ B E-----7-7-------- B---5-7-9-7-5---- G-6-----------6-- D---------------- A---------------- E---------------- F#m A E B R E--2-4-5-7-5-4-2-0---0-2-4-5-6-9-11-12-12-12-14-- B------------------4----------------------------- G--2-4-6-8-6-4-2-1---1-2-4-6-8-9-11-13-13-13-14-- D------------------4----------------------------- A------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------ E-12---------- B----12------- G-13-13-13---- D-------14-14- A----------14- E------------- Middle: When your bird is broken Will it bring you down? You may be awoken I'll be 'round I'll be 'round Verse: Tell me that you've heard every sound there is And your bird can swing But you can't hear me You can't hear me Repeat guitar solo: . . then . . End: A E------------------------------------------------- B---9-7-5-7-5-4-5---9-7-5-7-5-4-5--9-7-5-7-5-4-5-2 G---9-8-6-8-6-4-6---9-8-6-8-6-4-6--9-8-6-8-6-4-6-2 D------------------------------------------------2 A------------------------------------------------- E-0---------------0---------------0--------------- B = bend up first note to second. . . R = release first note to second. . . In both cases, pick only first note Magic E Chord for use in AYBCS. Note that this is a real open, twangy sounding E5 chord. . . sounds best on a Rickenbacker 325! Also sounds great in Day Tripper. E -0- B -0- G -9- D -9- A -7- E -0- On June 10, 1995, Richard Fowler ( contributed the following arrangement of the lead riff or tab for AYBCS E----------------------------------0--2--0--4- B-9--7\5--4\2-------------0--2--4--2--4--2--5- G-9--8-6--4-2--4\2--1--2--1--2--4------------- D--------------6-4--2--4---------------------- A--------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------- E-4/5\4--0--------0--2--4--5--7--5------------- B-5-7-5--0--0--2-----2--4--7--9--7--9--7--5--7- G-----------------------------------9--8--6--8- D---------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------- E------------9---11--12--14--16--16--17--16- B-9--10--12--10--12--14--16--17--17--19--17- G-9--11--13--------------------------------- D------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- E------------ B-12--------- G-----13----- D---------14- A------------ E------------ I believe both Marc Hertzberg and Richard Fowler were on the right track insofar as the melody is concerned and I referred to their versions to help confirm what I felt I was hearing on the Dm volver version of And Your Bird Can Sing.However, I can't see George Harrison zipping up and down the fretboard to play these beautiful riffs. I believe his riffs were confined to the higher areas around the "Magic E Chord" discussed by Marc Hertzberg. Also, the middle is based on easily played chords and with easy transitions. Also, I felt that there are corrections which need to be made to the words.Anyway, this is the arrangement I have come up with for this beautifully written song. I hope you enjoy it! Any comments are cer- tainly welcome. Phil Ogden (Masp99@AOL.COM) AND YOUR BIRD CAN SING -- REVOLVER VERSION LENNON & MCCARTNEY Intro: ---0---------------0---0---0------------------0--- ---9-7---7-----------0---0---0---7-9-9-9/10\9---0- -----8-9-8-9-8-9-8-6-8-6---6-8-9-8-9-9--------6--- -------9---9-9-9-9-------6-----9----------------6- -------------------------------------------------- -0------------------------------------------------ -0----------------- ---0---7-9-9p7----- -6-8-9-8-9-9p8-9--- -----9---------9-9- -----------------7- ------------------- Verses: E You tell me that you've got everything you want And your bird can sing F#m A *E But you don't get me -- you don't get me Fill Riff: E ----------------- -----7-9-9p7----- ---9-8-9-9p8-9--- -9-9---------9-9- -7-------------7- ----------------- E You say you've seen seven wonders And your bird is green F#m A *E But you can't see me -- you can't see me When. . . possessions. . . .start G#m G+ B ---------4-------------3-------------2------- -------4-4-4---------4-4-4-2-0-----4-4-4-2-0- -----4-------6-4-0-4-------------4----------- ---6---------------------------4------------- --------------------------------------------- -0------------------------------------------- down Look. . . di..rection.I'll C#/F e F#m -------1-------------0-------------2------- -----2-2-2---------0-0-0---------2-2-2----- ---1-------1-----1-------1-----2-------2--- -3-----------3-2-----------2-4-----------4- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- . . . . .I'll. .'round F#m B -------2--------------2------- -----2-2-2----------4-4-4-2-0- ---2-------2------4----------- -4-----------4---------------- ----------------2------------- ------------------------------ G#m G+ When your prized possessions B/F# C#/F Start to wear you down E F#m Look in my direction B I'll be 'round -- I'll be 'round Musical Interlude: ---0---------------0---0---0------------------0--- ---9-7---7-----------0---0---0---7-9-9-9/10\9---0- -----8-9-8-9-8-9-8-6-8-6---6-8-9-8-9-9--------6--- -------9---9-9-9-9-------6-----9----------------6- -------------------------------------------------- -0------------------------------------------------ -0--------------------0-7--0--------------0-7--9- ---0---7-9-9p7---7-9-10-9-10-9-7-----7-9-10-9-11- -6-8-9-8-9-9p8-9-8-9---------9-8-9-8-8-9--------- -----9---------9-----------------9-9------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -11-12/13\12-7----- --0--9/10\-9-9-9--- ---------------9-9- -----------------9- ------------------- ------------------- More verses: When. . . . . broken. . . . will G#m G+ B ---------4-------------3-------------2------- -------4-4-4---------4-4-4-2-0-----4-4-4-2-0- -----4-------6-4-0-4-------------4----------- ---6---------------------------4------------- --------------------------------------------- -0------------------------------------------- down You. . . . . awoken. .I'll C#/F e F#m -------1-------------0-------------2------- -----2-2-2---------0-0-0---------2-2-2----- ---1-------1-----1-------1-----2-------2--- -3-----------3-2-----------2-4-----------4- ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- . . . . .I'll. .'round F#m B -------2--------------2------- -----2-2-2----------4-4-4-2-0- ---2-------2------4----------- -4-----------4---------------- ----------------2------------- ------------------------------ G#m G+ When your bird is broken B/F# C#/F Will it bring you down E F#m You may be awoken B I'll be 'round -- I'll be 'round E You tell me that you've heard every sound there is And your bird can swing F#m A *E But you can't hear me -- you can't hear me End: ---0---------------0---0---0--------- ---9-7---7-----------0---0---0---7-9- -----8-9-8-9-8-9-8-6-8-6---6-8-9-8-9- -------9---9-9-9-9-------6-----9----- ------------------------------------- -0----------------------------------- ------------0-7--0--------------0-7--9- -9p7---7-9-10-9-10-9-7-----7-9-10-9-11- -9p8-9-8-9---------9-8-9-8-8-9--------- -----9-----------------9-9------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -11-12/13\12-7-------0-------------0----------- --0--9/10\-9-9-9-----9-7---7-------9-7---7----- ---------------9-9-----8-9-8-9-8-----8-9-8-9-8- -----------------9-------9---9-9-------9---9-9- ----------------------------------------------- -------------------0-------------0------------- A ---0-----------5- ---9-7---7-----5- -----8-9-8-9-8-6- -------9---9-9-7- ---------------7- -0-------------5- NOTES: e.g., 9/10\9 = Play 9 slide up to 10 slide down to 9. I sometimes substitute 9H10P9 e.g., 9p8 = 9 pull off to 8 * means strike base E string only before playing full E chord CHORDS: A 577655 B 224442 B/F# XX4442 C#/F XX3121 E 079900 e 022100 F#m 244222 G+ XX5443 G+ (picked) XX0443 G#m 466444 G#m (picked) 446444