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 I Feel Fine2 de Beatles

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I Feel Fine2 - Beatles sur
I Feel Fine - The Beatles --------------------------------------- tabbed by Howard Wright I'm pretty sure the song is in G - but if I'm wrong then adjust the tab accordingly moving up or down a fret or two INTRO: ---------- E---------------------------------------------------------------- B----------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------------12--11------11------------------10--9------9--- D-------12-12-10----10--10--14--10-------10-10-8----8---8--12--8---- A-------12-12----12---------12-----------10-10---10--------10------- E----10--------------------------------8--------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------ G-------------5--4-----4-------------5--4-----4----------- D-----5-5-3---3--3--7--3-----5-5-3---3--3--7--3---------- A-----5-----5-------5--------5-----5-------5-------------- E---3----------------------3------------------------------ This is obviously just the same riff moved down to different positions. This is the main riff of the song. In fact most of the song is just this riff played at the three different positions (G,C,D) The only different bit is : G Bm C D7 I'm so glad that she's my little girl G Bm C D7 She's so glad she's telling all the world The solo is over the G/C/D riff. Enjoy! Howard