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 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds de Beatles

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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Beatles sur
X-NEWS: muvms6 10393 Relay-Version: ANU News - V6.1 08/24/93 VAX/VMS V5.5-2; site muvms6 Path:!!!!!!!uunet!envoy!planders Newsgroups:,, Message-ID:> Sender: (Usenet login account) References: 2m6q7e$> Organization: University of Nevada, Reno Lines: 99 Xref: muvms6 Walrus> wrote: Lucy in the Sky guitar tab's cannot be found. Does anyone have them off hand? Here is the tab file I have: LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS - The Beatles Main riff goes like this: A Am7 D D/F I---------------------------I---------------------------I I-----------17------17------I----------17-----15p14-----I I-------14--------------14--I------14---------------14--I I---14----------17----------I--16----------15-----------I I---------------------------I---------------------------I I---------------------------I---------------------------I These are just permutations of an A chord so you could play this down on the second fret if you have an acoustic guitar. On electric, this riff sounds really good when it sustains. Follow the pattern or play the chords for the verse: A Am7 D D/F Picture yourself in a boat on a river A Am7 D D/F ---> G With tangerine trees and marmalade skies A Am7 D D/F Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly A Am7 F#m ---> Dm ---> C A girl with kaleidiscope eyes PRECHORUS: Bb C F Bb Cellophane flowers of yellow and green towering over your head (slow bend) eI-------------------------------------------I----------------------------I bI-------------------------------------------I----------------------------I gI--5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w---5^1/2--5^w-5^w-I-5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w-5\3I C G D Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she's gone eI---------------------------------------------------------I--------------I bI---------------------------------------------------------I--------------I gI--5^w-5^w--5^w--5^w--5^w--5^w-5^w-5^w-5^w--5^w---5---4---I--2-----------I CHORUS: G C D G C D Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds G C D D ---> A Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. To make D/F chord: D/F I-----0----I I-----3----I I-----2----I I-----3----I I-----x----I I-----x----I ^w - means whole bend ^1/2 - means half bend ------------------------------------------ cut here ------------------------------------------ Here is how I play it : (not like the above) |--------12-------12-----------12---------9-8-------| |----10----------------9-----------9-----------9----| |-9-----------12----------10-----------9------------| |---------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------| |---------------------------------------------------| I think that's right. It's off the top of my head, no guitar in front of me. Good luck! -- ............................................................................. : Preston Landers : Not valid in all areas. Times approximate. : : : Some restrictions apply. Not the Beatles. : : : [Finger for PGP public key.] Retain stub. :