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 Martha My Dear de Beatles

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Martha My Dear - Beatles sur
MARTHA,MY DEAR Written by: John Lennon - Paul McCartney orginially appeared on the album, "The Beatles" (the White Album), 1968 Notes: This is mostly a piano & orchestra performance on the White album. I've always liked the song, so came up with this arrangement for guitar accompaniment. Any ideas for fleshing this out, improving or arranging an intro for it, let me know. Also, this is my first full attempt at writing guitar tab notation, so hope its close enough for government work g>. I use capo at 3rd fret (chords listed are transposed to 1st position) The song is really in key of E flat on the record (not C) Martha my dear though I spend my days in conver-sa-tion C C5 C6 C C5 C6 Em Em9 Dsus4 D D5 Dsus4 E|-0---3-------5---0-------3---5--|-0---2---3---3---3---2----5--3--| B|-1---1-------1---1-------1---1--|-0-------3---3---3---3----3--3--| G|-0---0-------0---0-------0---0--|-0-------2---2---2---2----2--2--| D|-2---------------2--------------|-2------------------------------| A|-3---------------3--------------|-2------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . please... be good to me Martha, my love D G5 F E|-2-------------------3---2---0--|-3-------3-------1---1---1---1--| B|-3------------------------------|-3----------3----1---1---1---1--| G|-2------------------------------|-----0---------0-2---2---2---2--| D|-0------------------------------|-----------------3---3---3---3--| A|--------------------------------|--------------------------------| E|--------------------------------|-3------------------------------| + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . don't forget me Martha, my G7 F F(add 9) G7 F F(add 9) E|-1---1---0-------1-------3--------|-1---1---0-------1-------3--------| B|-0---0------3--0----1-------1-----|-0---0------3--0----1-------1-----| G|-0---0-----------------2-------2--|-0---0-----------------2-------2--| D|-0---0-----------3-------3--------|-0---0-----------3-------3--------| A|-2---2----------------------------|-2---2----------------------------| E|-3---3----------------------------|-3---3----------------------------| + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . dear ... Hold your head up .... ------- G5 | Bm | E|-3---3---1--0------------0--1----|---this part I just strum the---| B|-3---3---------3---0--3----------|---chords as shown below--------| G|-2---2---------------------------|--------------------------------| D|-0-------------------------------|--------------------------------| A|-2-------------------------------|--------------------------------| E|-3-------------------------------|--------------------------------| + . + . + . + . + . + . + . + . Bm Em D D/F# D/G D/G# Hold your head up, you silly girl, look what you've done A Em When you find yourself in the thick of it, A Em F#m Bm Help yourself to a bit of what is all around you, Bm Em Em7 Em C Csus4 C You silly girl (middle eight - staccato eighth feel for the chording) Bm Em Take a good look around you Bm Em A Take a good look around to see, that you and me G Bm Em Em7 Em C Csus4 C Were meant to be with each other, you silly girl Hold your head up, you silly girl, see what you've done When you find yourself in the thick of it, Help yourself to a bit of what is all around you, You silly girl Martha, my dear, you have always been my inspiration Please, be good to me, Martha, my dear, don't forget me, Martha, my love ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ transcribed by Brad Mahugh> ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brad Mahugh