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 Please Mister Postman de Beatles

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From Sun Apr 27 11:27:42 1997 Please Mister Postman (Holland) The Beatles (From 'With The Beatles') Lyrics patched together from Beatles and the Marvellete's(?) version. Intro ----- A (Wait!) Oh yeah, wait a minute mister postman F#m (Wait!) Waa--aa-aaaaa----ait mister postman Chorus ------ A Mister postman look and see (oh yeah) F#m Is there a letter in your bag for me? (Please, please, mr postman) D I've been waiting such a long time (woah yeah) E Since I heard from that girlfriend of mine Verse 1 ------- A There must be some word today F#m From my girlfriend so far away D Please Mr. Postman look and see E If there's a letter, a letter for me Verse 2 (do you see a chord pattern emerging?....) ------- I've been standing waiting mister postman G - ooo --o ooo so patiently For just a card or just a letter Saying she's returning home to me Chorus Verse 3 ------- G many days you pass me by You saw the tear standing in my eye You wouldn't stop to make me feel better By leaving me a card or a letter Chorus Outro You better wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Wait a minute, wait a minute (You gotta) Wait a minute, wait a minute Check it and see one more time for me (You gotta) Wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Wait a minute, wait a minute (oh yeah) Mister po-oo---ooo--stman, Deliver the de letter the sooner the better Wait a minute, wait a minute etc..... ------------------------------------- Pretty simple stuff. Graeme 06/04/97