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 Yesterday de Beatles

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Yesterday - Beatles sur
Previous versions from: Yesterday-BeaTles Transcribed by- Steve Easton Play with a rithmic strum like this one. oh well Here is one I made EARLIER (arf arf) F Em7 ----------1-------0---| ----------1-------0---| ---------2-------0----| Throughout the --------3-------0-----|whole song -------3-------1------|Ha Ha ----------------------| VERSE 1 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~(Check below Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away For chord) Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday VERSE 2 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~ Suddenly i'm not half the man I used to be Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F there's a shadow hanging over me oh I belive in yesterday MIDD 8 Em7 A7 Dm ?~ BbC7 F Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say Em7 A7 Dm ?~ BbC7 F I said some thing wrong now I long for yesterday VERSE3 F Em7 A7 Dm ?~ Yesterday love was such an easy game to play Bb C7 F C ?~ G7 Bb F now I need a place to hide away oh I belive in yesterday Repeat MIDD 8 Then VERSE 3 and then play G7 Bb F mm mm mm mm mm mm mmmmmmmmm Chords used F 133211 Em7 010000 A7 002223 Dm 000231 ?~ 000211 Bb 113331 C7 032310 C 032010 G7 320001 ? 30x333 IF any one has the PLACEBO tab for NANCYBOY gimme 'em> And also send me comments and questions. And if anyone needs any other tab/chords I'll be pleased to HELP (I need somebody Help not just anybody) arf arf again It was the BeaTles for some people WHOT are really stupid. If I have the tab/chords for the song.