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 Back In The Ussr de Beatles

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Differences from the versions already archived: - adds chords to intro - adds chords to bridge - indicates chords played as rock-n-roll shuffles (5ths) - adds chord markers for chorus riffs in Paul Zimmerman's version. If memory serves me correctly, these riffs are correct. Kudos to him for getting the bridge chords right! Have a blast playing this! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ BACK IN THE USSR (Lennon/McCartney) >From _The Beatles_ (a.k.a. "The White Albumn", 1968) INTRO: E Esus2 Esus7 E7 VERSE 1: A5 D5 C5 D5 Flew ... B.O.A.C. Didn't ... night A5 D5 C5 D5 All the way ... on ... Man ... flight CHORUS: A I'm ... U.S.S.R. C D You ... are D(stop) A [D - Eb - E sliding run] Back ... U.S.S.R. VERSE #2 [same chords as first] CHORUS #2 (A) I'm ... U.S.S.R. (C) (D) You ... are D/E(stop) G/E(stop) G/E(stop) A [bridge chord run] Back in ... back ... back .... U.S.S.R. BRIDGE: A5 - B5 - C5 - C#5 - D5 Well the Ukraine ... A5 They leave ... A5 - B5 - C5 - C#5 - D F#m/C# Am/C B7 And Moscow girls ... sing ... shout E7 D7 A B7-E7 And Georgia's ... mi ... mind Oh... LEAD VERSE [same chords as sung ones] CHORUS #3: (A) I'm ... U.S.S.R. (C) (D) You ... are D(stop) A [begin bridge run] Back ... U.S.S.R. REPEAT BRIDGE VERSE 3 [same chords] CHORUS #4: (A) I'm ... U.S.S.R. (C) (D) You ... are D(stop) A B7-E7 Back ... U.S.S.R. EXTRO: A5 shuffle to fade ================================= Chord forms: INTRO E7 Esus2 Esus7 E7 e |--0----0-----0-----0---- B |--0----0-----3-----3---- G |--1----2-----2-----1---- D |--0----0-----0-----2---- A |--2----2-----2-----2---- E |--0----0-----0-----0---- VERSE: A5 D5 C5 e |------------------------------ B |------------------------------ G |-----------7h9p7------5h7p5--- standard r'n'r shuffle D |--7h9p7----7----------5------- A |--7--------5----------3------- E |--5--------------------------- CHORUS Common core: (A) (C) (D) e |------------|-------------|--------------- B |------------|-------------|--------------- G |------------|-------------|--7--5--------- D |------------|--7--5-------|--------8--5--- A |-7--5-------|--------8--5-|--------------- E |-------8--5-|-------------|--------------- [I recall that the piano plays the chords, guitar the riffs] Various chorus endings: Chorus #1 Chorus #2 Chorus #4 D - Eb -E D/E G/E B7 - E7 e |--5-s-6-s-7----5-----3-------2--s-7--------- B |--7-s-8-s-9----7-----3-------0--s-0--------- G |--7-s-8-s-9----7-----4-------2--s-7--------- D |--7-s-8-s-9----7-----5-------1--s-6--------- A |--5-s-6-s-7----5-----5-------2--s-7--------- E |---------------0-----0-------x----0--------- #2 chords are played as quickly muted shots. #4 chords are the same as the end of the bridge piece. Speaking of which.... BRIDGE: A5 B5 C5 C#5 D5 A5 e |------------------------------- B |------------------------------- G |-2--4--5--6----7h9p7---2h4p2--- repeat first part of run, then D |-2--4--5--6----7-------2------- A |-0--2--3--4----5-------0------- E |------------------------------- D F#m/C# Am/C B7 E7 D7 B7 E7 e |-2---2------0------2----0-0----2p0h2---2--s--7-- B |-3---2------1------0----0-3----1-------0--s--0-- G |-2---2------2------2----1-1----2-------2--s--7-- D |-0---4------2------1----0-0----0-------1--s--6-- A |-----4------3------2----2-2------------2--s--7-- E |------------------------0-0--------------------- It's possible that the D5 and A5 are walked up/down one more fret (to 10th and 5th).