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 Honey Pie de Beatles

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HONEY PIE By: The Beatles Written: John Lennon / Paul Mc.Cartney Album: The Beatles (The White Album) 1968 - EMI Parlophone Tablature by: Sean B Palmer E-Mail: Web: This is my own interpretation of the song Playing details Chords Used N.B During the song I usually play the same chords different ways depending on which part they are in. Just play whatever is easiest. I'll specify a few popular favourites here. | Em 022000 | Eb XX5343 | | A7 002020 | A7#11 001020 | | C 032010 | F# 244322 | | 332010 | F 133211 | | Cm 335543 | G13 320030 | | G 320003 | G7 320001 | | 320033 | 353433 | | 355433 | E7 020100 | | C,9 032030 | Am 002210 | | A9 002423 | Eb7 XX1023 | | D7 X00212 | X11323 | | D X00232 | Intro Riff (see chords for position in song) nh nh nh trill |--{12}-----------------------------| |------{12}-----10~[12]-------------| |----------{12}--9------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| |-----------------------------------| Intro: Em A7 C Cm G She was a ... Em A7 C,9 Cm G Now... I. Riff A7 A9 D7 C D7 C D And if she... Chorus: G Eb Honey Pie... E A7 A7#11 I'm in... D7 G Eb D7 G G Eb Oh, Honey Pie... E A7 A7#11 Come and... D7 G F# F of... Verse: G A7 G13 G7 You became... C And... E7 Am D7 C D Makes me... Chorus: G Eb Oh, Honey Pie... E A7 A7#11 D7 G Sail... Eb7 D7 Honey Pie... G Eb E A7 A7#11 D7 G Eb D7 G oooh, yeah... G Eb E I like this... A7 A7#11 D7 G F# F Play it to... Verse: G A G G7 Will the wind... C E7 Am D7 C D Kindly send... Chorus: G Eb Oh, Honey Pie... E7 A7 A7#11 I'm in... D7 G G Eb7 D7 Come... G Eb7 E7 A7 D7 D7 A7 Am7 G Am7 G Eb7 D7 G Ha ha ha, oo, oh, Honey Pie...