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 Missing The War de Ben Folds Five

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Missing the War by Ben Folds Five from Whatever and Ever Amen written by Ben Folds transcribed by Zach Moats (Prtzl this song has a lot of funny chords in it and i tried my hardest to figure them out. if you can hear them better than i can, please contact me and inform me of the correct chords. please e-mail me and tell me what you think. Missing the War Intro: /A Amin(add 9) / E F# / A Am (add 9)/ E / Verse 1: E Emaj7 All is quiet. F#9 (voicings : G#-A#-E) His tired eyes Bsus4 B Bmin B Bm Bsus2 Bm See figures jotted down. And clothes all strewn around the A (E in bass) Amin9(E in bass) C+ (F# in bass) Cmin+5 (F# in bass) Bedroom floor. Verse 2: Repeat chords Now nothing’s adding up. And nothing’s making sense. She’s sleeping like a baby. She doesn’t know he wasn’t meant for this. Chorus: Amaj7 Am (C in bass) I’m missing the war. (ba ba ba ba) Am (C in bass) Emaj7 I’m missing the war. (ba ba ba ba) Emaj7 All night. C# F# Missing the war. (ba ba ba ba) F# Missing the war Repeat intro: Verse 3: Repeat verse chords He drove home again. Pissed and beaten. It’s really no big deal It happens all the time It’s no big deal. Chorus. End chorus with: F# G G(D in bass) G E F#min G#min ‘Till beads of sunlight hit me in the morning. C# B E D A Am9 E F# A Am9 G much time so little to say Verse 3: Time may fly. And dreams may die. The shaking voice that tells him go still thinks he might he knows he wont. Chorus Repeat Intro 4X’s and end with G G (D in bass) G E F#min G#min