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 The Drugs Dont Work de Ben Harper

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The Drugs Dont Work - Ben Harper sur
Title: The Drugs Don't Work Written by: Verve Performed by: Ben Harper Tabbed by: Justin Muscio This song is mostly chords, but there is a little variation so I went ahead and tabbed it: C e|--------0-------0---0-----------0--------0-----0--| B|--------1-------1---1-----------1--------1-----1--| G|--------0-------0---0---0-0-----0--------0-----0--| D|--------2-------2---2---0-0h2---2--------2-----2--| A|--3-----------3---3---3-3-3-----------3-----2-----| E|--------------------------------------------------| Am e|--------0-------0---0-----------0-------0---0-----| B|--------1-------1---1-----------1-------1---1-----| G|--------2-------2---2---2-2-----2-------2---2-----| D|--------2-------2---2---0-0h2---2-------2---2-----| A|--0-----------0---0---0-0-0-----------0---0----0--| E|--------------------------------------------------| Em F G e|--------0-------0---0-----------1-------3---3-----| B|--------0-------0---0-----------1-------3---3-----| G|--------0-------0---0-----------2-------0---0-----| D|--------2-------2---2-----------3-------0---0-----| A|--------2-------2---2-----------3-------2---2--0--| E|--0-----------0---0---0---1-----------3---3-------| C G C e|--------0---0---3-----3---------0-------0---0-----| B|--------1---1---3-----3---------1-------1---1-----| G|--------0---0---0-----0---------0-------0---0-----| D|--------2---2---0-----0---------2-------2---2-----| A|--3-------3-----2-----2-0-3-----------3---3----3--| E|--------------3-----3-----------------------------| The strumming pattern is approximate. You might have to listen to the album if you want to learn it absolutely perfectly, but I play it this way and it sounds pretty good. This pattern continues through all the verses, or if you prefer just chords: C Am All this talk of getting old it's getting me down my love Em F G C G C Like a cat in a bag waiting to drown this time I'm coming down Am And I know you're thinking of me as you lay down on your side Em F G Now the drugs don't work they just make you worse but I know I'll see C G C your face again and similarly for the other verses. Chorus: F Em Am G G baby ooooooooh if heaven calls I'm coming too F Em Am G Just like you said if you leave my life I'm better off dead And that's pretty much it. Enjoy! Questions/Comments: