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 Stolen Sidewalk de Bif Naked

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Stolen Sidewalk by Bif Naked This is actually a piano song, but it has the potential to kick ass on the guitar, as well. The same chords are pretty much repeated throughout the whole song.. ---------- | Capo 2 | ---------- Intro: G D C D G D C D Verse: G D C I'm a... D G That's what ... D C I am raw... D I ache ... Chorus 1: G D C I'm a weakling... D G Pick me ... D C Here on... D G Baby, don't ... (Repeat Intro) G D C I'm religious... D G We all are... D C and I am ... D Wasted tears... G D C And who said love... D G and fill the ... D C Should light ... D G make a prayer ... (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: G D C I am not... D G I can't last... D C Here on ... D G Baby, don't... Em C G D The closest thing ... Em C D Is sitting here... Em C G D I'm the queen... Em Don't you... C D Nothing left ... (Repeat Chorus 1 and 2) Questions? Comments? Compliments? Complaints? My email is Send me some feedback!