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 All Hell For A Basement de Big Sugar

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All Hell For A Basement - Big Sugar sur
All Hell for a Basement - Big Sugar from "Brothers and Sisters Are You Ready" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- modified by Little Crow, based on a tab by Greg Stuart This is just a quick little tab that I've whipped up. It's not THE definitive tab for this song, but I see there's no other big sugar tabs on this archive!!! G here's something to start with. Hopefully some people will pick this up and make it better, or even submit tabs for other songs. Play around with it and improvise. standard tuning (EADGBE) Riff: |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------3h5--p3-------------3h5--p3------------------| |-----------3--5--------------h5--3h5-------------h5--3h5--------| |--3--5--6-------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------3h5--p3-------------3h5--p3------------------| |-----------3--5--------------h5--3h5-------------h5--3----------| |--3--5--6-----------------------------------------------6-------| Gm F Bb I am a working..... Eb Bb Eb Bb But I ain't.... Gm F Bb Like some old.... Eb Bb Eb Bb >From the bottom.... From the bottom.... Chorus: -------- Eb Bb F I have lost... Dm Bb Eb But I hear.... Cm Bb F About a heaven.... Bb Dm Eb Bb Where they've got all... This pattern is repeated for the whole song. Simple.