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 Letting Go de Big Tent Revival

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Letting Go Big Tent Revival D G A I am a man, who hides his feelings. D G A But I don't think I can keep from revealing. Bm Bm/A G G/F# Em All the things inside of me that are out of control. G A G Lord, I'm letting go. (Chorus) D G A I'm letting go, Lord I'm letting go (2x) D G A There was a time things didn't matter. D G A Reason and rhyme where second nature. Bm Bm/A G G/F# Em It was all a big fasod I have come to know. G A So, Lord I'm letting go. (Chorus) (bridge) Bm G I am calling.! Are you hearing? Bm G I am falling! Come and catch me! (break) Bm Bm/A G G/F# Em Come I want to put my trust in you and you alone. G A And Lord I'm letting go. (chorus)