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 Its Dangerous Out There de Bill Morrisey

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Its Dangerous Out There - Bill Morrisey sur
Its Dangerous Out There By Bill Morrisey Am Dm Am There are Russians int the front yard, there's Martians on the ceiling Dm Em Am There's a Cape buffalo on the patio and you ask me how I'm feeling Dm Am There's a sniper by the swingset, the highway has been mined Dm Em Am Then here you come with a great big smile singing, rise and shine Chorus Am Em Am Well, there's nothing you could say that will get me up today Dm Em Nothing you have ever said that can drive me from this bed Am Dm Em You can call me lazy, crazy, call me stupid, I don't care Am Dm Em Am I ain't gettin' up, cause its dangerous out there. Am Dm Am There's a hunter from New Jersey in my kitchen drinking beer Dm Em Am There's a Texan out my window with a chainsaw and a lear Dm Am I could take a walk around the block to shake me from this slumber Dm Em Am But there's student drivers out today and one has got my number Am Dm Am There's a pounding on my front door its enough to make me scream Dm Em Am Why, its two girl scouts, one Jehova's Witness and a whole SWAT team Dm Am G listen to me, darling. Please heed these words I say Dm Em Am Its too scary here in February dear, set my snooze alarm for May -- +----------------+ Terence Kelleher +--+-------------+ | Encore Computer Corp. | | E N C O R E | | | +-------------+--+ 607-687-2644 +----------------+